Journal of Coloproctology Journal of Coloproctology
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January - March 2017
Vol. 37. Num. 1.
Pages 1-86
Journal of Coloproctology (JCOL) is a quarterly scientific publication of the Brazilian Society of Coloproctology. The journal aims to publish articles that may contribute to the improvement and the development of the practice, research, and teaching of coloproctology and related specialities.

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Vol. 37. Num. 1. January - March 2017 Pages 1-86
Original Articles
Perceptions of ostomized persons due to colorectal cancer on their quality of life
Cristilene Akiko Kimura, Ivone Kamada, Dirce Bellezi Guilhem, Karina Ribeiro Modesto, Breno Silva de Abreu
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:1-7
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Results of videolaparoscopic surgical treatment of diverticular disease of the colon
Vinícius Pires Rodrigues, Fábio Lopes de Queiroz, Paulo Rocha França Neto, Maria Emília Carvalho e Carvalho
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:8-12
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Surgical management of anal stenosis: anoplasty with or without sphincterotomy
Mehdi Tahamtan, Leila Ghahramani, Hajar Khazraei, Yaser Tolouei Tabar, Alimohammad Bananzadeh, Seyed Vahid Hosseini, Ahmad Izadpanah, Fahime Hajihosseini
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:13-7
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Usefulness of early colonoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of moderate or severe lower gastrointestinal bleeding
Paulo Correa, Carolina Teixeira, Rodrigo R. Zago, Giulio Rossini, Jose Luiz Paccos, Pedro Popoutchi, Jarbas F. Loureiro, Jose Luiz Borges, Marcelo Averbach
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:25-30
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Safety degree assessment of drugs used in conscious sedation for colonoscopy in patients that develop respiratory depression
Fernanda Maraschin Rech, Kaiser de Souza Kock, Amanda Colpani Bellei
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:31-7
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LASER hemorrhoidal dearterialization
Paulo Boarini, Lucas Rodrigues Boarini, Paulo de Azeredo Passos Candelaria, Edgard Mesquita de Lima, Marcelo Rodrigues Boarini
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:38-43
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Case Reports
Anorectal hemangioma – differential diagnosis of anal bleeding
Walter Batista de Santana Neto, Giovanni Troiani Neto, Carlos Magno Queiroz da Cunha, André Cavalcante Brasil, José Ney Primo Feitosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:44-6
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Colorectal injury by compressed air: the rule of conservative therapy
Labib Al-Ozaibi, Zhwar Al-Jarrah
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:47-9
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Recto-sigmoid lipoma: a case report and review of the literature
Gholamreza Bagherzade, Omid Etemad
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:50-4
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Review Articles
Crohn's disease: risk factor for colorectal cancer
Sandra Cristina Dias dos Santos, Laura Elisabete Ribeiro Barbosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:55-62
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Colonic Inertia: approach and treatment
Ana Sofia Garcês Ferreira Soares, Laura Elisabete Ribeiro Barbosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:63-71
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Anal canal squamous carcinoma
Maricruz Nunes Magalhães, Laura Elisabete Ribeiro Barbosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:72-9
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Technical note
A necktie fashion vascular loop seton tie may simplify the treatment of perianal fistula
Nidal Issa, Ruben Weil, Eldad Powsner, Wisam Khoury
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2017;37:80-5
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