Journal of Coloproctology Journal of Coloproctology
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July - September 2016
Vol. 36. Num. 3.
Pages 123-184
Journal of Coloproctology (JCOL) is a quarterly scientific publication of the Brazilian Society of Coloproctology. The journal aims to publish articles that may contribute to the improvement and the development of the practice, research, and teaching of coloproctology and related specialities.

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Vol. 36. Num. 3. July - September 2016 Pages 123-184
ALACP and Journal of Coloproctology
José Alfredo Reis Neto, Jorge A. Hequera
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:123
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Original Articles
Changes in the proportions of types I and III collagen in hemorrhoids: the sliding anal lining theory
Carlos Sardiñas, Dilia Diaz Arreaza, Héctor Osorio
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:124-9
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Prognostic impact of the number of resected lymph node on survival in Colorectal Cancer
Katia M. Ladeira, Sandra Fátima Fernandes Martins
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:130-8
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Antioxidant effect of mesalazine in the experimental colitis model induced by acetic acid
Rosa Maria Moura, Renata Minuzzo Hartmann, Francielli Licks, Elizângela Gonçalves Schemitt, Josieli Raskopf Colares, Mariana do Couto Soares, Lucio Sarubbi Fillmann, Henrique Sarubbi Fillmann, Norma Possa Marroni
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:139-48
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Perianal abscess: a descriptive analysis of cases treated at the Hospital Santa Marcelina, São Paulo
Isaac José Felippe Corrêa Neto, Janaína Wercka, Angelo Rossi Silva Cecchinni, Eduardo Augusto Lopes, Hugo Henriques Watté, Rogério Freitas Lino Souza, Alexander Sá Rolim, Laercio Robles
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:149-52
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There is an agreement between constipation referred and that documented by objective criteria?
Isaac José Felippe Corrêa Neto, Ana Luiza Chaves Maneira, Noelle Breda Teixeira, Beatriz Doine Vettorato, Mariana Campello de Oliveira, Tatielle Alves Trivelato Menezes, Laercio Robles
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:153-6
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Comparative evaluation of healing response between colo-colic invagination anastomosis and single-layer running suture. Experimental study in dogs
Miguel Augusto Arcoverde Nogueira, Francisco Sérgio Pinheiro Regadas, Carlos Renato Sales Bezerra, Welligton Ribeiro Figueiredo, Erbert Portela Martins Filho
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:157-61
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Association of sociodemographic and clinical factors with spirituality and hope for cure of ostomized people
Carmelita Naiara de Oliveira Moreira, Camila Barbosa Marques, Marcial Alexandre Pereira da Silva, Fernanda Augusta Marques Pinheiro, Geraldo Magela Salomé
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:162-72
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Case Reports
Idiopathic megacolon in a teenager treated by laparoscopic rectosigmoidectomy
Carlos Eduardo Oliveira Sodero, Emerson Abdulmassih Wood da Silva, Dirceu de Castro Rezende Júnior, Gustavo Roberto Carvalho Tiveron, Aurélio Fabiano Ribeiro Zago, Rafael Andrade de Oliveira, Bernardo Rosa e Souza, Luciano Ricardo Pelegrinelli
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:173-5
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Inflammatory cloacogenic polyp: a rare kind of benign polyp to be cured with endoscopic and/or surgical removal
Şafak Meriç Özgenel, Tuncer Temel, Evrim Yılmaz, Salih Tokmak, Ayşegül Özakyol
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:176-8
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Technical note
Resection of ischiorectal fossa tumors – surgical technique
Eduardo Fonseca Alves Filho, Alexandre Lopes de Carvalho, Paulo Frederico de Oliveira Costa, Antonio Carlos de Carvalho
J. Coloproctol. (Rio J.) 2016;36:179-83
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