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Journal of Coloproctology (JCOL) is a quarterly scientific publication of the Brazilian Society of Coloproctology. The journal aims to publish articles that may contribute to the improvement and the development of the practice, research, and teaching of coloproctology and related specialities.

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Vol. 40. Issue 4.
Pages 311-440 (October - December 2020)
Original articles
Parastomal Hernia Following Abdominoperineal Resection
Alimohammad Bananzadeh, Ibrahim Jaweek, Mohammad Rezazadehkermani, Leila Ghahramani, Faranak Bahrami, Seyed Vahid Hosseini, Ahmad Izadpanah, Seyed Mohammad Kazem Tadayon
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:311-4
Open access
Higher cut-offs for the number of lymph nodes harvested do not predict better prognosis in patients with colon cancer
Osman S. Guner, Latif V. Tumay
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:315-20
Open access
A new theory on the cause of anal fissure – impaction theory
Shaoming Chen, Qinghuan Yu
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:321-5
Open access
Analyzing the prevalence of proctological diseases in HIV-positive and -negative patients
Thiago da Silveira Manzione, Luiza Mello Ayres Morgado, Sidney Roberto Nadal
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:326-33
Open access
Fournier’s gangrene by perianal abscess
Natiele Santos de Souza, Djoney Rafael dos Santos, André Pereira Westphalen, Fernando Antonio Campelo Spencer Netto
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:334-8
Open access
Comparative analysis of anxiety and depression prevalence between individuals with and without inflammatory bowel disease
Carlos Henrique Marques dos Santos, Amanda Cristine Alcântara Galindo, Bárbara Alencar da Silva, Camila Rodrigues Dantas, Isadora Albuquerque de Araújo Guilherme, José Elias Basmage Nunes Gomes, Kayque Michel Dallacqua, Mariana Pereira de Souza, Patricia Szlachta Senna
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:339-44
Open access
Repair of the middle and posterior compartments of the pelvic floor via perineal and vaginal routes without the use of mesh - technique description and case series
Raquel Ferreira Nogueira, Renata Soares Paolinelli Botinha Macedo, Sinara Mônica de Oliveira Leite
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:345-51
Open access
Ostomy time and nutrition status were associated on quality of life in patients with colorectal cancer
Karine de Almeida Silva, Arenamoline Xavier Duarte, Amanda Rodrigues Cruz, Letícia Oliveira Cardoso, Thatty Christina Morais Santos, Geórgia das Graças Pena
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:352-61
Open access
The role of platelet parameters in thrombosed hemorrhoids
Mutlu Sahin, Emine Emektar, Nedim Arda Kılıç, Dogan Ozturk, Hakan Bulus
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:362-7
Open access
Comparison of post-anesthesia recovery time in sedated patients for colonoscopy using midazolam or fentanyl associated with propofol
Gisela Magnus, Gustavo de Freitas Flausino, Caroline Guimaraes Dantas de Siqueira, Gabriela Carvalho Simões Coelho, Maria Eduarda Casasanta Caetano, Renato Santiago Gomez
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:368-75
Open access
Procalcitonin as an early marker in the detection of anastomotic intestinal leak in a Universitary Hospital of Bogotá
Elkin Eduardo Benítez Navarrete, Tatiana Carolina Beltrán-García, María Fernanda Mosquera, Valeria Martinez Rojas, Daniel Alejandro Buitrago Medina, Carlos Edgar Figueroa Avendaño
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:376-85
Open access
Case reports
Management of rectal stump leak following emergency Hartmann’s procedure
Sarah Johnston, Penelope De Lacavalerie
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:386-9
Open access
Double barreled wet colostomy. Case report and description of the surgical technique
Luis Enrique Salgado-Cruz, Eloy Espin-Basany, Alberto Félix Chapa-Lobo, Hugo Antonio Rangel-Ríos, Ana Guadalupe Garza-Maldonado, José I. Ortiz de Elguea-Lizárraga
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:390-3
Open access
Perianastomotic cyst following rectosigmoidectomy due to adenocarcinoma of the proximal rectum: a case report
Fernando Simões de Sena, Raquel Ferreira Nogueira, Lorena de Oliveira Barroso, Marco Antônio Miranda dos Santos, Sinara Mônica de Oliveira Leite
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:394-7
Open access
Review articles
“PNR-Bleed” classification and Hemorrhoid Severity Score—a novel attempt at classifying the hemorrhoids
Mudassir Ahmad Khan, Nisar A. Chowdri, Fazl Q. Parray, Rauf A. Wani, Asif Mehraj, Arshad Baba, Mushtaq Laway
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:398-403
Open access
Prognosis in colorectal cancer beyond TNM
Ana Lídia Ferreira Neves, Laura Elisabete Ribeiro Barbosa, João Paulo Meireles de Araújo Teixeira
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:404-11
Open access
PD-1 blockade as a future treatment for colorectal cancer with microsatellite instability
Diana Maria Leite da Cunha Russo, Laura Elisabete Ribeiro Barbosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:412-20
Open access
Feature article
Current management of fistulizing perianal Crohn’s disease based on serum anti-tumor necrosis factor levels and magnetic resonance imaging monitoring
Felipe Bernardi Wolker, Julia Gabriela Oliveira Marchiori, Eron Fabio Miranda
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:421-4
Open access
Letter to the editor
Diagnosis and treatment of constipation: A clinical update based on the Rome IV criteria
Rafael Luís Luporini, André Lanza Rizzo, Sthefânia Mendonça Frizol, Luciana Ditomaso Luporini
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:425-6
Open access
Technical notes
Physico-chemical analysis of Commiphora wightii and borax coated herbal seton
Sreelekshmi V.S, Rajeshwari P.N, Rabinarayan Tripathy
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:427-30
Open access
Robotic transanal ressection for rectal tumor: A description of the technique
Marcus Valadão, Eduardo Rodrigues Zarco Câmara, Eduardo Linhares, José Paulo De Jesus, Rodrigo Araújo
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:431-4
Open access
Historical article
Albucasis: pioneer of the modern anorectal surgery
Masoud Nouri-Vaskeh, Soroush Mostafavi, Hadi Alizadeh, Abdolhassan Kazemi
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:435-9
Open access
Journal of Coloproctology