Journal Information
Vol. 38. Issue 3.
Pages 179-256 (July - September 2018)
Original articles
Hemorrhoids and related complications in primigravid pregnancy
Kemal Beksac, Emine Aydin, Esra Uzelpasacı, Turkan Akbayrak, Ozgur Ozyuncu
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:179-82
Open access
Technique and results of the first six cases of anal sphincteroplasty with Deoti's flap for complex anatomical deformity of the perineum
Beatriz Deoti Silva Rodrigues, Igor Guedes Nogueira Reis, Isabelle Reis Daldegan, Kelly Cristine de Lacerda Rodrigues Buzatti
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:183-8
Open access
A prospective study of efficacy and safety of rubber band ligation in the treatment of Grade II and III hemorrhoids – a western Indian experience
Vinayak Nikam, Aparna Deshpande, Iti Chandorkar, Siddharth Sahoo
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:189-93
Open access
Effects of biofeedback in the treatment of female fecal incontinence
Kertulem Larissa Aparecida Silverio dos Santos, Simone Cavenaghi, Ana Elisa Rosselli Folchine, Lais Helena Carvalho, Priscila Martins, Lucas Lima Ferreira, João Gomes Netinho
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:194-8
Open access
Gender-based analysis of the characteristics and outcomes of surgery for anal fistula: analysis of more than 560 cases
Sameh Hany Emile, Hesham Elgendy, Ahmad Sakr, Mohamed Youssef, Waleed Thabet, Waleed Omar, Wael Khafagy, Mohamed Farid
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:199-206
Open access
Establishing the normal ranges of female and male anal canal and rectal wall vascularity with color Doppler anorectal ultrasonography
Sthela M. Murad-Regadas, Francisco Sergio Pinheiro Regadas, Iris Daiana Dealcanfreitas, Francisco Sergio Pinheiro Regadas Filho, Graziela Olivia da S. Fernandes, Matheus Couto Furtado Albuquerque, Carolina Murad Regadas, Marina Murad Regadas
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:207-13
Open access
Risk factors for postoperative complications in Crohn disease: analysis of 173 patients
Diogo Melo-Pinto, João Vasco Santos, Elisabete Barbosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:214-20
Open access
Colorectal adenocarcinoma staging of patients in a public tertiary hospital in the state of Grande do Sul
Elias de Mattos Berg, Juliana Vasconcelos de Abreu Ruszczyk, Laura Moschetti, Luciano Pinto de Carvalho, Ruy Takashi Koshimizu, Daniela Cerqueira Koppe
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:221-6
Open access
Continence changes following transanal endoscopic microsurgery result from the impact on rectal capacity: clinical and functional evaluation before and after surgical treatment
Carlos Ramon Silveira Mendes, Sergio Eduardo Alonso Araujo, Rodrigo Perez, Ivan Cecconello, Luiz Augusto Carneiro DÁlbuquerque
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:227-32
Open access
Review articles
Screening anal cancer in women living with HIV/AIDS
Vanessa Laís Diefenthäler, Janice de Fátima Pavan Zanella, Janaina Coser
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:233-9
Open access
Adipose tissue-derived stem cells: a new approach to the treatment of Crohn's disease-associated perianal fistulae
Mónica Maria Ramos Tavares, Laura Elisabete Ribeiro Barbosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:240-5
Open access
Case reports
Colonic phytobezoar
Cláudio Franco do Amaral Kfouri, Maria Clara Ferreira Nonato Romania, Rennan Josely Moreira Julião, André Domingos Pippa Tomazella, Guilherme Paulo Carvalho de Amorim, Cleibe Nicácio da Silva, Claudinei da Silva, Maria Cristina Sartor
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:246-9
Open access
Coloanal intussusception in adults due to lipoma
Luciano Dias de Oliveira Reis, João Roberto Matos, Paula Nicoli Soares, Luiz Henrique Bastos Mendes, Cassiana Franco Dias dos Reis, Celso Augusto Milani Cardoso Filho, Orlando Papi Fernandes, Alex P. Costa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:250-3
Open access
Technical note
A double row epiploicoplasty for primary closure of free perforated sigmoid diverticulitis
Ali Naki Yücesoy
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2018;38:254-6
Open access
Journal of Coloproctology

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