Journal Information
Vol. 39. Issue 1.
Pages 1-94 (January - March 2019)
Original articles
Validation of Portuguese version of the low anterior resection syndrome score
Nuno José Rama, Pedro Lopes Ferreira, João Pimentel, Therese Juul
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:1-8
Open access
Computed tomography enterography or magnetic resonance enterography in Crohn's disease – which to choose?
Aida Azevedo, Charlene Viana, Ana Catarina Costa, Sandra F. Martins
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:9-14
Open access
Laparoscopic colorectal cancer resection with natural orifice specimen extraction: a prospective study
Islam H. Metwally, Sherif Z. Kotb, Mohamed A.F. Hegazy, Waleed Elnahas, José F. Noguera
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:15-21
Open access
Colonoscopic findings in patients aged 50 years and older: a critical analysis of 1614 exams
Rafaela Mendonça Leal, Carlos Ramon Silveira Mendes, Lana Ferreira Moreira, Taisa Maria Brito Amorim, Adriana Conceição de Mello Andrade, Elisangela Suzarth Goncalves
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:22-6
Open access
Adoption rates of laparoscopic techniques for colorectal resections among Brazilian surgeons: limiting factors affecting incorporation into daily practice
Fábio Guilherme Campos, Alexandre Bruno Bertoncini, Carlos Augusto Real Martinez, Leonardo Alphonso Bustamante-Lopez, Paula Gabriela Melo Morais
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:27-32
Open access
Effects of Aloe Vera on healing of colonic anastomoses: experimental rat study
L. Volkan Tumay, Sadık Kılıcturgay, Vahide Savci, Ozlem Saraydaroglu, Ruksan Anarat
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:33-40
Open access
Experiences of patients with haemorrhoidal disease – a qualitative study
Robin R. Van Tol, Merel L. Kimman, Stephanie O. Breukink, Sara Z. Kuiper, Jarno Melenhorst, Laurents P.S. Stassen, Carmen D. Dirksen
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:41-7
Open access
Quality of Life (QoL) Among Ostomized Patients – a cross-sectional study using Stoma-care QoL questionnaire about the influence of some clinical and demographic data on patients’ QoL
José O. Silva, Pedro Gomes, David Gonçalves, Charlene Viana, Fernanda Nogueira, André Goulart, Pedro Leão, Maria José Mota, ... Sandra F. Martins
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:48-55
Open access
Anal dysplasia among solid organ transplant recipients; a cross sectional study
Aimal Khan, Thaer Obaid, Lawrence Cetrulo, Luanne Force, Roshmi Bhattacharya, Richard H. Greenberg
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:56-61
Open access
Efficacy of low residue enteral formula versus clear liquid diet during bowel preparation for colonoscopy: a randomised controlled pilot trial
Tikfu Gee, Limi Lee, Ngoh Chin Liew, Shu Yu Lim, Nur Suriyana Abd Ghani, Robert G. Martindale
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:62-6
Open access
Case reports
Anal canal adenocarcinoma with a late brain metastatic lesion – a case report
Ashraf Imam, Daniel Gold, Guy Pines, Arie Pelta, Eli Mavor, Efraim Idelevich, Harbi Khalayleh
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:67-9
Open access
Common operation, uncommon complication. Bleeding from superior haemorrhoidal artery after minimally invasive procedure for hemorrhoids – a case report
Janavikula Sankaran Rajkumar, Aluru Jayakrishna Reddy, Ravikumar Radhakrishnan, Anirudh Rajkumar, Syed Akbar, Dharmendra Kollapalayam Raman
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:70-3
Open access
Review articles
Meta-analysis – perineural invasion as prognostic factor in rectal cancer
Jothi Rajasekaran Murugesan, Shenthil Prabhu Murugesan, Jim Yip, Kerry Hitos, Stephen Fulham, Alexander Engel
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:74-80
Open access
Evidence-based review of methods used to reduce pain after excisional hemorrhoidectomy
Sameh Hany Emile
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:81-9
Open access
Technical note
Local irrigation with silver nitrate, a non-surgical approach for persistent anal fistula
Carlos Placer-Galán, Ignacio Aguirre-Allende, José María Enriquez-Navascués
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2019;39:90-3
Open access
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