Informação da revista
Vol. 40. Núm. 3.
Páginas 189-310 (Julho - Setembro 2020)
T’chorim, Emerods, Hemorrhoids: From the Hebrew Scriptures to today
Carlos Walter Sobrado, Marcelo Mester
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:189-91
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Special articles
General recommendations to the colorectal surgeon during the COVID-19 pandemic
Fábio Guilherme Campos, Henrique Sarubbi Fillmann
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:192-5
Open access
Potential impact of COVID-19 on colorectal disease management
Fábio Guilherme Campos, Henrique Sarubbi Fillmann
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:196-201
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Original articles
Epidemiological and prognostic single center study of anal carcinoma
Alaa Mobder Mohammed Alrubai, Manwar Abdulelah Al-Naqqash, Ahmed Salih Alshewered
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:202-8
Open access
Epidemiological profile and hospitalization data of patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Raphael Guilherme D’Angelis Brandão, Palloma de Sá Antunes Bezerra, Lucas Guimarães Maciel, Walner Jorge Brito, Paulo Martins Reis Júnior, Evandro Leite Bitencourt
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:209-13
Open access
Hopelessness and suicide ideation in ostomy patients: a mixed method study
Nasrin Sarabi
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:214-9
Open access
Anal PAP, HPV tests and magnifying chromoendoscopy with biopsies in the diagnosis of anal intraephitelial neoplasia
Carmen Aguiar, Laura García, María Belén Boccardo, Macarena Vassel, Alejandra Arriola, Sylvia Jaumandreu, María Carmen Rodríguez, Carmen Alvarez, Isabelle Heard
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:220-6
Open access
Clinical and physiological efficacy of the application of autologous fat with platelet rich plasma in treating faecal incontinence
Elvis Vargas Castillo, Ingrid Melo Amaral, Arisel Domínguez, Sthephfania López, Daniel Chiantera, Mariangela Pérez Paz, Jenils Daniela Coacuto, Andrés Eloy Soto
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:227-32
Open access
Modified endoscopic pilonidal sinus treatment (EPSiT): Personal experience
Elias Saikaly, Melissa Kyriakos Saad
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:233-6
Open access
A novelty in laparoscopic total colectomy with natural orifice specimen extraction using a plastic cover
Mahdi Alemrajabi, Alimohammad Bananzadeh, Mohammad Moradi, Fateme Alemrajabi, Masoud Vahdani, Seyed Rouhollah Miri
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:237-42
Open access
Correlation between findings of nuclear magnetic resonance and 3D anorectal ultrasound in patients with suspected deep endometriosis
Murilo Masanobu Tomiyoshi, Doryane Maria dos Reis Lima, Gustavo Kurachi, Univaldo Etsuo Sagae, Fabiano Emori, Barbara Bazzano
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:243-6
Open access
The real impact of colonic transit time and anorectal manometry in the diagnosis of adult patients with chronic constipation
Abel Botelho Quaresma, Antuani Rafael Baptistella, Carina Rossoni
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:247-52
Open access
Serum expression of microRNA-16 in a cohort of Egyptian patients with ulcerative colitis and its correlation with disease extent and severity
Hussein Mahmoud Saad, Ezzat Ali, Nahed Baddour, Mohamed Eid Ibrahim, Eman Tayae
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:253-60
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Case reports
Buschke-Lowenstein tumor in a patient with HIV and Psoriasis
José Antonio Dias da Cunha e Silva, Laís Lima, Lygia De George, Thalita Araújo Sant’Ana, Marcus Valadão
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:261-4
Open access
A novel approach for rectal trauma. The use of a transanal platform to repair a combined high-velocity rectal gun fire wound
Montserrat Guraieb-Trueba, Juan Carlos Sánchez-Robles, Oscar Enrique Pérez-Morales, Luis Manuel García-Núñez
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:265-8
Open access
Perforated acute abdomen in a patient with COVID-19: an atypical manifestation of the disease
Isaac José Felippe Corrêa Neto, Kaline Fortes Viana, Milena Braga Soares da Silva, Leandro Mariano da Silva, Gustavo de Oliveira, Angelo Rossi da Silva Cecchini, Alexander Sá Rolim, Laercio Robles
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:269-72
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Review articles
Study of defecation disorders in elderly patients
Isaac José Felippe Corrêa Neto, Mario Mosca Neto, Vanessa Santos Lanfranchi, Thales Ranieri Pedroso, Henrique Carvalho e Silva Figueiredo, Jéssica Mocerino, Marcia Pascutti, Laercio Robles
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:273-7
Open access
Predictors of pathological response and clinical outcome following chemoradiation for locally advanced rectal cancer – a systematic review
Erica Amaral, Maria Bernardes, Sara Ribeiro, Beatriz Rosa, Ana Pereira, Sandra F. Martins
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:278-99
Open access
Safety and effectiveness of laparoscopic peritoneal lavage in Hinchey III diverticulitis
Miguel António Loureiro Guimarães, Laura Elisabete Ribeiro Barbosa
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:300-8
Open access
Letter to the editor
Risks of anal intercourse after longo stapled hemorrhoidopexy
Sarah Hendrickx, Stefaan Harth
J Coloproctol. (Rio J.). 2020;40:309
Open access
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